• 4 Rows of Hook-and-Eye Closure -- durable front hooks provide heavy duty support even during workout and exercises, and allows easy adjusting for sizing.
  • High quality and durable latex material, authentic spiral steel boning; making this one of the best waist trainer corsets! It provides high compression around your waist, and reduce your waist line by 3-4 inches instantly, offering instant waist slimming effect and desired hourglass figure without the muffin top!
  • This latex waist trainer provides ample support in the all the right places, including side and back support. The front hooks are capable of providing the best support with no accidental breakage during your sit-ups, squats and other exercises.
  •  It slims your tummy and shapes your abdomen, and helps define your waistline and curves during recovery. It can also increases sweating, flattens your abdomen, and accelerates metabolism while working out.
  • Versatile for Various Occasions: Wear it daily, during exercise, for postpartum & post-op recovery.

Pink Waist Trainer