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  • The Importance of Compression Garments
    This is a first stage of recovery, and for BBL 3 weeks post op is the estimated duration of this stage. A compression garment is placed around surgical sites where the liposuction was performed, and therefore should reduce swelling, bruising and aid the retraction of the skin. It is also supposed to maintain the shape of the buttocks by supporting the newly injected tissue.
  • What is a Stage One Faja?
    The Stage 1 Faja is the garment you will be using immediately post surgery when you wake up from your procedure, this is typically included in your surgery cost and provided to you by your surgeon. The garment will be on your body when you are woken up from your procedure anesthesia. This faja is designed to be low compression, meaning it will fit loosely on your body, It will not be tight as it is designed to fit loosely to allow space for your swollen body to properly heal and drain the lymphatic fluid accumulated doing this stage of your recovery process. It is NOT meant to fit like compression garment or a waist trainer.
  • How Long Should I Wear My Stage One Faja?
    We recommend you to wear your Stage 1 Faja for three weeks after your procedure. It is crucial that you commit to wearing your Stage 1 Faja as often as possible. This means wearing it under your clothes and when you sleep. You may remove it to shower and to wash it but should put it on right after. There are patients choose to purchase two Stage 1 fajas so that they can easily alternate their Fajas when one is being washed or dried. Sleeping in your Stage 1 Faja is very important. If you can tolerate it, you should sleep in your lipo foams as well. However, you must remove your abdominal board at night.
  • What Is a Stage Two Faja?
    Once you have worn your Stage 1 Garment for 3 weeks you will graduate in to a Stage 2 Faja, this should be purchased in your second week of Stage 1 wearing. The Stage 2 Faja will be HIGH compression and should feel much tighter and compressed than your Stage 1 Faja. It will typically be the same numerical size (S – 4X L) as your Stage 1 Faja. Stage 2 Fajas are to be worn alone so you will no longer need your lipo foams and abdominal board. You can keep your Ab board if you plan to do a second round in the near future.
  • How Long Should I Wear My Stage Two Faja?
    Your Stage 2 Garment should be worn for six months. You will need to sleep in Your Stage 2 Faja as this stage of your recovery is optimal for shaping and maintaining your hour glass results. Your day should consist of wearing your Stage 2 Faja 24 Hours except for when you are showering or washing your garment. You can discontinue all garments after six months, and cannot start waist training until you have completed your 6 Months of Phase 2 Garment.
  • What is a Stage Three Faja?
    Congratulations you've made it to your Stage 3 Faja. This stage is focused on maintaining the result you worked so hard to achieve by being committed to your Stage 1 and 2 Faja use. You can begin to use your Stage 3 Faja is acceptable after 12 weeks post-surgery this may also vary based on the type of procedure you had. Wearing your Stage 3 Faja is most effective directly after your advanced post-op/body contouring treatments that you should continue to maintain the investment you made on your body with your surgery. Wearing this garment after a treatment will help mold and excentuate your freshly treated body.


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